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Comprehensive Driving Assessment

Comprehensive Driving Assessment:

What does a driving assessment consist of:

  1. A comprehensive clinical assessment to evaluate an individuals reaction time, visual processing speed, attention, judgment and gross motor skills required to safely operate a motor vehicle. Clinical assessment is performed in the comfort of their own home which eliminates the need for client to secure transportation to a facility in an unfamiliar environment.
  2. A behind the wheel assessment to determine a clients ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Driving will be performed in clients' familiar territory which reduces the anxiety of driving in an unknown area.
  3. Includes written copy of report to be sent to client and referring physician.
  4. Review of results and recommendations which may include returning to independent driving, further training, or further interventions (vision rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, referral to appropriate services, etc.).

If an individual does not have a license or permit:

  1. A comprehensive clinical assessment will be performed and client will be guided through the process of whether to obtain a standard learners permit, dual control permit or complete further interventions to better prepare them for behind the wheel training.
  2. Includes written copy of report sent to client and referring physician.
  3. Assistance/guidance with PA Department of Transportation requirements.

Behind the Wheel assessment:

  1. If client did not have a license or permit at time of initial clinical assessment and has now obtained one, client will be able to proceed with the in-car portion of the assessment. Client will be able to drive in an area that they are familiar with and must demonstrate safe driving skills. May include introduction to adaptive equipment if required (hand controls, left gas pedal, steering device, etc.).
  2. Includes written copy of report sent to client and referring physician.

Safety Assessment of Older Drivers

A comprehensive driving assessment is recommended to assess an older individual's ability to continue to safely operate a vehicle. Our main objective is to try to allow the individual to continue driving as long as they are safe.

Some warning signs may include:

  • Decreased Hearing
  • Visual deficits
  • Slow Reflexes
  • Ability to make decisions quickly
  • Memory
  • Limited mobility due to arthritis
  • Unsteady gait
  • Falls

Driving Remediation

Further driving practice may be recommended if someone demonstrates some behaviors that may be correctable. Some individuals may benefit from defensive driving strategies and recommendations to improve their safe driving skills or to reinforce consistent behaviors.

Adaptive Equipment Training

Some individuals have physical limitations that interfere with their ability to drive safely. Most physical limitations can be resolved by learning to drive with adaptive equipment. Our vehicle is equipped with hand controls, left foot gas pedal, turn signal cross over and various steering devices. You will have the opportunity to drive with the recommended equipment and receive the training to make sure that you are proficient and safe. You will be required to take your state driving examination with the equipment to receive the required restrictions. Once you receive the endorsement from PA DOT a prescription will be issued for you to have the equipment installed in your personal vehicle.

Vehicle Modification Assessment

  • Recommendations for the most appropriate vehicle/equipment for you to drive from your wheelchair.
  • Recommendations for the most appropriate equipment to transport your mobility device independently (wheelchair/scooter, walker)
  • Recommendations to transport a loved one as convenient as possible.

Driver Training

Learn basic operation of a vehicle and the skills necessary to drive safely. Review defensive driving strategies and complex driving tasks. Preparation to take the state driving examination. We can schedule your state examination and accompany you to your appointment in our dual control vehicle. No need to worry about having a car and insurance in order to obtain your license. Ability to pick you up at home, school or work whatever is convenient for you.

Alternative Transportation Solutions

Preparing for driving retirement is exceedingly difficult. We will assist you in making recommendations for alternative modes of transportation.

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